Artificial Intelligence development company in USA

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Accubits USA, is one among the top and the best Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain development company in Vienna, Virginia, United States with its development offices in India and Dubai, UAE. Accubits pioneers in the industry and has been featured as one among the oldest and experienced companies in providing custom based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to the world since 2012. Accubits’s portfolio of Artificial Intelligence services includes custom machine learning, deep learning, conversational tools, classification tools, sales intelligence, video & text analytics and robotic process automation. Our expertise in providing solutions for business process automation and resource optimization has resulted in leveraging the business to success. Over the past 6 years, We have delivered more than 600 projects, for over 200 clients worldwide. Several of Fortune 500 companies in sectors from Retail to Healthcare industry is being powered by our solutions to streamline and leverage their growth.

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Machine Learning

We help business software to identify patterns and behavior from large volumes of operational data through machine learning.

AI development Company

Deep Learning

Build cognitive business technology frameworks that think like the human brain with deep learning.

Conversational Tools

Our advanced AI capabilities have been utilized to create intelligent conversational tools for organizations to serve their customer queries automatically without human intervention.

Classification Tools

We built custom classification capability using our AI frameworks for our business customers.

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence solutions help a business to do more sales by providing intelligent insights, efficient recommendations, and valuable predictions.

Video, Image and Text Analytics

Our range of video, image and text analytics solutions can help your business to complete analysis works in a matter of hours which otherwise would have consumed weeks.

Custom AI tools

AI has penetrated into almost every industry, it’s a revolution and every day, more businesses and companies adopt AI to leverage their growth.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps your business by providing the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Robotic Process Automation

With the growth in AI technology, Robotic Process Automation has evolved to its next level in automating the monotonous works with high accuracy and efficiency

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