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Here are the top 10 blockchain stocks under my radar. (Curated based on the several parameters including buyer affinity, buy orders placement analysis etc)

Overstock Stock was the first US-based retailer to accept Bitcoin, hoping to revive its business with the help of the promising technology. As the former Amazon competitor is now massively invested in cryptocurrencies, its stocks have been riding waves as the value of Bitcoin changes. The stocks soared by a shocking 130 percent in 2017.

Bank of America Stock

If you are someone who believes that Blockchain will be the next big thing in the technological field then the stocks of Bank of America is the right choice for you. It is the second largest banking institution in the US and only trails just behind IBM by the number of Blockchain-related patents. It posses patents related to storing private keys and data authentication. They were one of the early adopters of Blockchain along with IBM and their first Blockchain oriented patent was filed in 2014. There is a good possibility that the Bank of America stocks could potentially shoot up once decentralization becomes more popular.

Walmart Stock

Walmart is one of the early adopters of the Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLD). It has filed numerous patents for improving deliveries and buying smart appliance management systems. Walmart made headlines after announcing its cooperation with IBM increasing food safety.

Daimler Stock

This German-based car manufacturing company was one of the first auto giants to make a move into Blockchain. With sizeable investments in other cutting edge technologies like AI, Daimler is considered to be the digital champion of the global car industry. In 2017, Daimler introduced its own Blockchain bond, making is one of the first companies to do so.

Broadridge Stock

Broadridge is a top option, as the company is already associated with major banking institutions like Northern Trust and JPMorgan who are utilizing Digital Ledger Technology. It has developed DLT use cases like proxy voting, which makes it much easier for shareholders to reach a consensus on certain matters. The fact that Broadridge has the biggest banks among its partners makes it a very reliable stock.

HIVE Blockchain Technology Stock

It is a stock which is directly connected to cryptocurrencies. The company owns mining facilities that mine Ethereum around the clock. The first mining facility that was acquired was in Iceland in 2017. After getting a $100 mln funding, the company made announcements regarding opening more mining farms.

Microsoft Stock

Microsoft and IBM are stocks that need no introduction, there is fierce competition between these two stocks in the Blockchain field. Microsofts Azure blockchain is already being integrated by NASDAQ, AT&T, and many other major players. Both Microsoft and IBM are working on private applications and there is some confusion when it comes to investment choices. Microsofts Azure is Ethereum-based, meaning it is dependent on the decisions of the Ethereum Foundation while making code updates.

Mastercard Stock

Mastercard has been bullish on the Blockchain for a very long time, this makes the stock always an option for the investors. In 2017 Mastercard offered banks a Blockchain based alternative to making payments, ditching traditional credit cards. Mastercard became the second company on the Fortune 500 list to work on decentralized payments only after IBM. Recently Mastercard filed a patent application that makes their transactions anonymous.

Hitachi Stock

Hitachi, which is a Japanese tech giant with a market cap of around $38.5 billion, has a few Blockchain-based projects that it is working on. Recently, Hitachi teamed up with Mizuho in order to develop a decentralized platform for enhancing the efficiency of supply chain management. Hitachi first started its interest in Blockchain is when the conglomerate invested top-dollar in a Financial innovation laboratory in California.

IBM Stock

As of now, the tech giant has more than 1500 employees who are focused on the development of projects that are powered by Blockchain technology. This makes IBM one of the most engaging Blockchain stocks to invest in. Many companies have started to work their toes in Blockchain after the word ‘Bitcoin’ hit the mainstream, The main advantage IBM holds is that it started using this technology a long time ago. Today it has around 500 active projects in industries such as finance, healthcare, logistics etc.


The stocks listed above are curated based on the several parameters including buyer affinity, buy orders placement analysis etc. CONTACT US, If you’d like to review the full report.


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